Medea, the Foreigner Medeia, a Estrangeira

multidisciplinary performance – espectáculo multi-disciplinar

Medea at the Bridewell Theatre

Medea The Foreigner was performed at the Bridewell Theatre in the end of August and beginning of September 2010. The English adaptation started in July and it counted with the effort of new people in the team. Just to name a few, we had the actor Pete Picton, the cellist Nina Plapp, the designer Ingrid Hu, the stage manager Beci Ryan, the photographer Siobhan Bradshaw, and many others who helped as ushers during the performances. The photographic exhibition Medea by Sofia Berberan was displayed during the run and it continued in the theatre for a few months after that. If you are in London, the last chance to see Sofia’s work is on Sunday 21st November. And Medea will now flap her wings hopefully to another country.

she is here

Medea is getting ready to take over the stage in London. More than 2 months after the end of the run in Lisbon, the project is now getting a new shape. There are new people involved in the work and many more changes to come. Watch this space!

Medea in London – Introducing TOandFOR

And now Medea, The Foreigner is being adapted or re-adapted to London, the city where the project originated from. The production has been working in the UK since June and is now getting everything ready to enter August, so that the artists can start rehearsals. One of the greatest news is the support given by TOandFOR, an arts gallery in North London that has kindly offered free rehearsal space for the group. Founded by a young collective of artists, voluntarily  run, their aim is to create the chance to see some brilliant things and to initiate an open platform for fresh and innovative artists. They have a programme of free monthly exhibitions and workshops so it is worth checking their website for more information and updates: